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九游会登录_武磊周记:足球和国家一样 只有自己强 才能换来尊重

Netease Sports reported on October 1:


Today not only sent the video version of the double festival blessings to the fans, but also updated my weekly diary. The following is the full text of the weekly diary——


West Division's first away game. In fact, I didn’t know much about Oviedo and this team before. Later, I went to check it and found out that Oviedo is the hometown of F1 champion Alonso, and they used to be


The location of the city is in the province of Asturias, the northernmost province of Spain. Oviedo is the capital here. In contrast, you may be more familiar with another port city in this province-Gijon, and the old power Gijon Competitive people should know more in China.


Speaking of the original coach Avirado is from Gijon, it happens that Gajego is now the head coach of Sporting Gijon, and they will also be a very strong competitor for us.


Our whole team arrived on the away field by plane the day before the game. This is the first time I have come to the north. After getting off the plane, we were greeted by a drizzle. This reminds me of the drizzle in Shanghai. In contrast, the rain in Barcelona is heavy, and sometimes raindrops hit me. It's like being hit by a bean.


I heard that Asturias have rainy days on average 120 days a year. On the way from the airport to the hotel, I looked at the scenery outside the window and felt like I was back to Switzerland last year. Except for the houses, almost all were surrounded by green. It's a bit of a fairy tale town.


Of course I am not here to travel. The ultimate goal is to compete on the court. To be honest, I included myself and the team played averagely, and the opponent’s performance reminded me of Alonso’s evaluation of his hometown, "My hometown, Oviedo, is a very traditional place, but there Everyone has an upward struggle."


Fortunately, the final result is good, so no team can be underestimated. For us, getting three points per game is always the most important task, but we still need to be patient on the court. Of course, on the platform of West Division II, getting points and winning are the most important! Even more important than the scene process!

幸运的是,最终结果是不错的,因此任何九游会官网登录中心一支球队都不能被低估。对我们来说,场均三分始终是最重要的任务,但我们仍然需要在球场上保持耐心。当然,在West Division II的平台上,获得积分和赢得胜利是最重要的!比现场过程还要重要!

My family returned to Barcelona this week. Before they arrived, I deliberately spent a few and a half days cleaning up the house inside and out. I am glad that finally someone can cook for me after I get home. I haven’t seen the children for three months, and I was inexplicably moved when I saw them. Simply staying with them after a meal, whether it’s lying on the sofa or going out for a walk, is very heartwarming. The children have grown up. A lot of sensible!


The Mid-Autumn Festival will be in two days. In fact, it is difficult to spend time with family during various festivals since childhood. It should be said that I have long been used to it. But in a foreign country, I still feel a little different. God, I’ve been out for a long time, and I really feel a lot of difficulties,