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九游会登录-曼城VS阿森纳前瞻:瓜帅三遇塔帅 丁丁伤缺残阵蓝月能否止颓?

At 0:30 on October 18th, Beijing time, in the fifth round of the 2020-21 Premier League, Manchester City will play against Arsenal at home. Guarana will meet again with Tashua. The two rounds of invincible Blue Moon are in desperate need to score points at home. Looking forward to the end of the 6-game losing streak against Blue Moon, De Bruyne was absent due to injury, Sterling played against Aubameyang, and Aguero is expected to return.


The two teams have had 46 Premier League games before, Manchester City 13 wins, 10 draws and 23 losses, scoring 55 goals and conceding 70 goals. Although Blue Moon lost to the Gunners in the last encounter between the two teams, the FA Cup semi-final last season, the two teams faced off in the last 9 league matches. Nagano was still in the 17th round of the 2015-16 season, losing 1-2 away. The Premier League has faced Arsenal 23 times at home, Manchester City has 9 wins, 3 draws and 11 losses.


Manchester City




Manchester City




Aspect 1: Can the Gunners refuse to kill 7 consecutive kills + break a strong enemy for the first time in the past 6 years?


Faced with Manchester City, if Arsenal lose, they will lose their 7th consecutive league game at the foot of Blue Moon. The last time they faced the same opponent in a 7-game losing streak, it dates back to 1977, when they suffered from Ipswich. The Gunners who are doing well in recent times naturally hope to avoid this embarrassing situation and win their first away victory against the top 6 Premier League teams since January 2015. In nearly 6 years, the Gunners have 28 away games against the top 6 teams. The other 5 companies only achieved 10 draws and 18 losses.


Aspect 2: Guashuai fights Tashuai again. Can Blue Moon rebound?


With 4 points in the first 3 games of the league, Manchester City created the worst record in the same period since the 2010-11 season. This time, returning to the home game, naturally hope to return to the victory track. If they lose, they will not only taste the bitterness of two consecutive home losses in the Premier League since February 2016, but also encounter the embarrassment of the first two league home games for the third time in team history (the first two were in the 1930-31 season) And 1953-54 season). When Guardiola faces his former assistant Arteta again, Manchester City, which is five points behind Arsenal, must fight for victory.


Aspect 3: De Blaunet is absent. Who can fill the vacancy?

方面3:De Blaunet缺席。谁可以填补空缺?

Due to injuries while playing for the Belgian national team, De Bruyne will be determined to miss the game. Tintin can be said to be an expert on the Gunners. He has played against Arsenal in the past 8 league matches and made 7 goals (5 goals and 2 assists). The Gunners are also the Premier League opponents with the most goals scored by him. De Bruyne averaged 4.7 key passes per game in his first 3 appearances, ranking first in the Premier League. After his absence, Manchester City’s organizational and offensive quality is bound to decline. The closest key goal data to him is Mahrez (2.5 Times) and Sterling (2 times), the basset who has just returned from the last round and Gundogan, who has not played this season, may be among the starters. Can Manchester City's frontcourt use collective strength to make up for the void left by Tintin's absence?

由于在为比利时国家队效力时受伤,德布鲁因(De Bruyne)决心要错过比赛。丁丁可以说是枪手专家。在过去的8场联赛比赛中,他与阿森纳(Asenal)进行比赛,取得7个进球(5个进球和2个助攻)。枪手也是他得分最多的英超联赛对手。 De Bruyne在前3次出场均场均4.7次关键传球,在英超联赛中排名第一。缺席之后,曼城的组织和进攻素质必将下降。离他最近的关键进球数据是刚从上一轮回来的贝塞(Mahrez)(2.5倍)和斯特林(Sterling)(2倍),以及本赛季未参加比赛的贡多根(Gundogan)可能是首发球员。曼彻斯特城的前场能否利用集体力量来弥补丁丁缺席所留下的空白?

Aspect 4: Aubameyang PK Sterling

看点4:Aubameyang PK Sterling

Mei Yang Yang and Si Shao are the sharpest weapons of their respective teams. The former will try to knock on Manchester City's goal for the first time in the Premier League. Before that, he had no results in 450 minutes of Premier League time against Manchester City. It was only last season. Manchester City broke twice in the FA Cup semi-final. Although Aguero is expected to return, the high probability that he will be the starting arrow will still be Sri Lanka. Since the beginning of last season, Sri Lanka has scored 34 goals on all fronts, the highest of all Premier League players. Can he continue to play in this campaign? Efficient scoring rate?


Aspect Five: Aguero is expected to return


Aguero successfully recovered from a serious left knee injury and resumed joint training, which is undoubtedly good news for Manchester City, which is short of strikers. Although already 32 years old, Manchester City's impressive shooting efficiency in 24 league games last season with 16 goals and 3 assists is still not bad. Due to the long absence, it is difficult for Akun to make it into the starting lineup this game, and the possibility of playing off the bench is high. Can the first game play a key role in changing the situation after his comeback?


Aspect 6: Gunner's first appearance


Ghanaian new aid Thomas, who joined the buzzer for £45 million, is expected to make his debut in this game and even directly join the starting lineup. The 27-year-old Ghanaian international has been the main player of Atletico in the past two seasons. He started 29 games in La Liga last season. , Defensive data is eye-catching, is expected to really straighten the gunner's waist. Faced with the mighty Manchester City in the Premier League debut, can Thomas produce a perfect answer?

加纳的新助教托马斯以4,500万英镑的身价加入了蜂鸣器,他有望在这场比赛中首次亮相,甚至直接加入首发阵容。在过去的两个赛季中,这位27岁的加纳国际球员一直是马竞队的主要球员。上赛季他在西甲联赛开始了29场比赛。 ,防守数据引人注目,有望真正拉直炮手的腰部。面对英超联赛首秀的强大曼城,托马斯能否给出完美的答案?

Guardiola (Manchester City coach)


Arteta (Arsenal manager)


Manchester City (4-2-3-1)


Arsenal (4-3-3)


No one commented, but quiet


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